February 7, 2012

Coupon Lingo Abbreviation List

Our Coupon Home's Coupon Lingo
So what are all of these abbreviations? What's a "BOGO"? 
Here is a list explaining all the coupon lingo.

AR - After Rebate 

B1G1 or BOGO - Buy One Get One Free 

BC/AC – Before/After Coupons

Blinkie - SmartSource machine with a red blinking light on it. Coupons are thus referred to as ‘ Blinkies’ 

BTFE - Box Tops for Education 

BTW - By the way

C/O - Cents Off 

CAT - Coupon that prints from a Catalina machine at the register.

CRT - Cash register tape (receipt) 

Dead - Refers to a dead deal, or that the offer is no longer valid 

DH - Darling husband 

DND - Do Not Double 

ECB - Extra Care Buck (Coupons at the bottom of your CVS receipt)

Envie - Envelope 

ES - Easy Saver

ETS - Excluding Trial Size

EX or X - Expire

FAR - Free after rebate 

FL - Food Lion (store)

FSOT - For Sale or Trade 

GDA - Good Deal Alert

GM - General Mills 

HBA - Health & Beauty Section in the store 

HTH - hope that helps 

ICBINB - I Can't Believe It's Not Butter

IDSO - in dyer search of 

Insert – Coupon booklets found in the Sunday paper

IMHO - in my humble opinion 

IP – Internet Printable

ISO - In Search Of 

ITA - I totally agree or If time allows

IVC - Instant value coupons (Wags)

IVDSO - In very dyer search of 

KWIM - Know What I Mean? 

LMK – Let Me Know

LOL - Laugh Out Loud 

MFR - Manufacturer 

MIR - Mail In Rebate 

MM - Money Maker

MQ - Manufacturer coupon

MRP - Manufacturer's retail price 

NED - No Expiration Date 

NFN - No Form Needed 

NIB - New in Box 

NIP - New in Package

NLA - No Longer Available

NP - No problem 

NT WT - Net Weight 

OAS - A Coupon that is good on one Purchase, Any Size 

OCH – Our Coupon Home

OOP - Out Of Pocket

OOS - Out of Stock 

OYNO -On Your Next Order (usually reffers to a cat the prints at the register when you buy a certain item)

P&G - Proctor & Gamble (a family of products that have their own inserts once a month)

Peelies - Coupon found attached to a product that you have to peel off

PITA - Pain in the ass

PLMK - Please Let Me Know 

POP - Proof of purchase 

PP - PayPal 

PSA - Prices Starting At 

Q - Coupon

RA - Rite Aid (store)

RAOK - random act of kindness

RC - Rain-check 

RP - Red Plum 

RR - Register Reward from Walgreens 

SAHM - Stay At Home Mom 

SCR - Single Check Rebate 

SRP - Suggested retail price 

SS - Smart Source

Tearpad - A pad of coupons found hanging from a store shelf/display 

TIA - Thanks in Advance 

TMF - Try Me Free 

TYVM - Thank You Very Much

UPC - Barcode on a Product 

VV - Video Values (RITE-AID coupons)

Wags - Short for Walgreen's (store)

WL - Wish list

WYB - When You Buy 

YMMV - Your Mileage May Vary (Meaning the deal might vary from location to location. Not a guarenteed deal everywhere)

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