February 8, 2012

How to Get Your Coupon On v.1

As the new year rang in, one of the top resolutions is to save money/spend less. Well if you're reading this, then you're definitely in the right place! This series will help you to learn the art of couponing in baby steps. Let's face it, it's pretty intimidating to look around here and see all of the wealth of information and not know what to do first.

First things first...
You need to decide what organizing system works best for you. Before you can dive into the world of couponing you need to be able to easily locate what coupon you're looking for. Binders are the go-to for most couponers, but there are several other systems that work and may work for you too.

The accordian file
Most people can agree this is where they start. This is also what some people prefer to use regardless of their level of couponing. The way you organize your coupons within the file is entirely on you. Whether it be alphabetically, category, expiration, or what have you, it needs to be tailored to how your mind works.
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The binder
By far the most popular choice among couponers. If you're a visual person this system is for you. Again, the way you organize your coupons is however works for you. I find grouping the food and non food in their own sections, then dividing those sections into categories. Non food categories could include laundry, cleaning supplies, household supplies, medicine cabinet, baby care, pet care, toiletries, etc. This system works especially well for those on the fly or unadvertised deals. If you have your binder open and you can see your coupons, you won't miss out on a deal.
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The filing cabinet
This system is more suited for someone looking to buy in large quantities and relies heavily on matchups. With this system you need to label everything. Your file folders and inserts must be labeled with the date they were issued as well as which insert. You will make your list, clip what you need, and leave the rest at home.

There are many more ways to file your coupons, these stated above are simply the most popular.

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Stay tuned for the next part of this series! Filling your organizer.

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